There are three ways to purchase our modules

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1. Self-host on an annual subscription

Purchase modules for putting on your own learning system or intranet.

SPECIAL OFFER: For every BITE purchased receive a WHS BITE of your choice free up to 8 free modules.

INCLUDED: your corporate logo on each Diploma, Cert. IV and Cert III. module purchased plus content mapping documents.

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Learning BITES$66
Diploma & Cert IV level modules$660
Cert III level modules$440
Mapped Assessment & Marking Guide$330 once only fee (updates provided free)

2. Pay per learner

$275 for a basic microsite (3 corporate colours plus logo). Or a more elaborate microsite for $165 per hour of time taken to scope and set up. Basic reports are included which show learner commencement and completion of each module.

INCLUDED: content mapping document.

Use our learning system

Learning BITES$15
Diploma & Cert IV level modules$66
Cert III level modules$44
Mapped Assessment & Marking Guide$330 once only fee (updates provided free)

3. Purchase and customise

A one-off licence fee gives you access to the source files to customise and use freely within your organisation. Great for large training organisations and corporates.

Contact us for a quote. Our graphic designers, learning and development experts and content writers all work within the online development software to create modules which are visually appealing, aligned to corporate branding AND meet learning objectives

INCLUDED: fully mapped content and mapped Assessment & Marking Guide.

Use our learning system

Learning BITESN/A
Diploma & Cert IV level modules$4400
Cert III level modules$3300